Poetry is the air I breathe, the one thing that can make my heart sing and what can bring forth wisdom in the darkest of moments. Welcome to my world of poetry!


Who is The One

breathing Me....


Who is The One

that like a peaceful wanderer

night after night sits by my fire

pouring the stars into thin china

drinking the silence of the white moon...


Who is the one that with closed eyes lovingly watches me in compassion

and calls me by my true name...


In this underworld of gleaming darkness

as I move from room to room

trying to find my worn out velvet robes and my broken glasses

I turn into the fading shadow of the invisible

when stillness returns


And I become a witness

to the pounding heart

that behind the archway of these hidden heavens

devotes herself

to this deep confinement

of spirit

materialising in earthly present


In golden grass;

The pure is reborn naked

and without resistance

materialising in earthly present


Bow your forehead to the ground

and receive


The One.


- Ma Deva Zuleikha