May we bless ourselves.

May we drink divine nectar

in the morning light.



May we trust the truth

that this will overflow

in abundance

and spill over-

wherever we go.


- Zuleikha









Trust is the invisible path that will carry us through any unknown landscape...


I want to press pure purity out of these grapes she said to the mirror. Breath by breath I have moved into this solitude... some days my eyes are dim and my perception distorted - but I have come to know the emptiness between breaths as my lover...


The mirror reflected a sudden light, but remained silent.


The rain had covered the valley with stillness and she looked into the mist as she noticed a shift of temperature in the wind…It was this voice again… asking her questions , speaking into her loneliness, addressing her uncertainty, singing through the moist silk grass…


- My love. Let it fade away. Let those hollow faces return into the mist. These are the ones who've gone astray ....the ones that will tell you - you´re not The One.


- Who has the right to spread such lies? Who has the authority to measure the depths of your trembling soul? Nobody my love, nobody. Not even you….And this... you know. So do not lose yourself into these labyrinths of confusion and fear…


You are the vessel of pure love.Nothing less. This is your true calling.


But when listening to the voices of these non-existent shadows, you become an adorner of cruelty, and you do it well…


So what shall I say to draw your attention to the pure? To bring hopelessness to failure, and to really make you see the essence of The True. How can I make you trust the path of trust…


And the voice kept whispering…


I am pouring from the source, what once was hidden, but now is revealed. And this, my love, this is what you always have been thirsting for… This... is now.... flooding - for you to drink.


Listen to my silent voice, when I say I am the usher of love, a flower indulged in true myth - gently reconciling your soul with its true nature. Healing what needs to be healed, and offering you atonement with yourself, through belief in your own purity.


I am the one that sooths you when darkness seems to tear you apart, and I have come to share any burden or pain too heavy to carry alone. I will walk beside you throughout the days of lesser mercy and restore your wings, in the unseen.


And now – there is nothing more to do, nothing more to search for - and nowhere else to go...Untie your blindfold...and see...that all you ever needed already is here, owerflowing in abundance.


The knowledge of divine perfection runs since ancient times naturally in your blood and there is nothing you have to do to attain it.


You might believe, that this is indulging in ceremonies beyond your understanding, but that is only the mind speaking.


Just listen to the tender tune rising like a long lost sun at dawn, inside your silent being, and it will respond to you and release you from pain.


Trust me, for I am you. Trust is the invisible path that will carry us through any unknown landscape. Step by step it will unfold as light, shining just before us.


Like fragments from the singing stars it has already brought you back to your true purpose...You just need to be attentive, to remember who you truly are. And by releasing painful illusions from your imagined inner scenery you will become unattached from the spell of darkness and clearly see, that mistrust is just an old illusion and not real. True reality will open up when you become still and move as love in awareness. And then… what once was real is no longer important.


When you know - You know. And nothing will ever truly bind you to false images any longer. And you will realise the freedom that wich by nature moves your life, in ways that serves your life purpose.


In this freedom, this utter silence of beingness, you will flourish, you will open yourself to yourself, unfold and go beyond any old ideas of who you are- that you might have inherited.


And this will bring happiness to your door. So have no fear, my love. Just trust in what cannot be seen with the eyes of the world or trusted by the ones that constantly seeks proof.


Proof is not a path for the beloved.


The beloved only knows the free fall of surrendering to the unknown, into the depths of true knowledge. And this knowledge has no name …


The rain that had covered the valley with blooming silence had slowly moved away , she closed her eyes, and smiled.