P O E T R Y, A R T & D E V O T I O N


made in love by





I am a poet and a lover of true beauty. The beauty of the naked heart and the vulnerable feminine ...open to merge with the true divine essence inside of myself, in nature and in you.


Through my life I have encountered a lot of pain and I have chosen to use it to grow and transform and to become even more open to LOVE and her different faces.


Sometimes SHE is soft and deeply compassionate, sometimes her sword cuts through illusions and shallowness - not for the sake of using her sword, but in an attempt to remove all obstacles that stands in the way for the deeper love that in truth is what we really are, beyond all.


I share here with you my heart, my soul, my art, my blessings and my poetry.


And my hope is, that you will find something here that speaks to YOUR true being.


Much love


Ma Deva Zuleikha